Giant Cow, Männlichen (CH), 2017

An extraordinary mountain dweller...

Thanks to its stunning view of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau the Männlichen is known as a popular destination throughout the whole year. In order to provide visitors with an extraordinary mountain experience, the existing playground located directly next to the summit station was complemented with an extraordinary mountain dweller.

Based on a multilevel process, Erlebnisplan designed and realized an accessible giant cow uniting several attractive entertainment formats. The back of the cow serves as a viewing platform for the stunning mountain scenery while its inside offers specially designed cow games. In order to exit the cow, guests can not only use the staircase but also a slide which finishes directly on the cow's tongue. Additionally, there are giant cow pats with integrated trampolines and individually designed play equipments which invite children to play and enjoy themselves.

Download the project summary here.


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