Alpinolino, Westendorf, Tyrol (A), 2010

Alpinolino – not too small to be a high flyer!

Westendorf in Tyrol is a multi-award winning winter destination. however, it became crucial to entice guests from the family segment with an exciting programme in the summer season. The already existing Alpinolino experience was to be expanded and intensified.

Erlebnisplan redesigned all existing attraction elements and supplemented them with promising innovations. Interactive and sense-expanding stories of the sky, mountains and landscape were the focus of the new adventure trail ‘Himmelsteig’.

Bert the eagle, a ‘high flyer’, accompanies both the young and old explorers on their discovery tour and provides supports for games to be played, investigations to be made and riddles to be solved. He watches weasel and hare having a race, the woodpecker knocking at its tree hole and the forest dormouse lazing around. Bert’s wings serve as a signpost to the many adventures on the mountain – following them is always worthwhile.

In cooperation with conos Tourism Consulting GmbH.


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